The Transposition of Chloë Brontë

A low-fi sci-fi (sorta) rom-com audio drama.

The Transposition of Chloë Brontë

Chloë and Max’s relationship is strained when they move in together and Chloë’s sleep paralysis appears to open a portal to another dimension.

Starring Tanja Milojevic, Christopher Colón, Erin B. Lillis, Nate DuFort, Tatiana Grey, and Boyd Barrett as your Narrator

Featuring the song “Voices,” written and performed by Anne-Marie Choon
Theme music by Katharine Seaton

Written and Produced by William J. Meyer

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Chloë Brontë postersChloë Brontë postersChloë Brontë posters
Chloë Brontë posters

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