And Worms Do Not Destroy

Somewhere and somewhen on the perilous island of Naosaleyn, a mythic odyssey challenges a pair of barbarian brothers as they set off on an arduous pilgrimage to beseech The Blessed Immortal King. A six-part mini-series.​​​​​​​

Part Six: The KingListen now | ...that beastly throne simply perched in mid-air.
Part Five: The MinisterListen now | Then reveal your heart’s desire...
Part Four: The MessengersListen now | A nasty beast. Nasty.
Part Three: The MagnateListen now | As long as he has devotion, I can profit from it.
Part Two: The VolpaListen now | A pleasant way to shut out any cry of suffering.
Part One: The ThiefListen now | You can feed some of us, surely.
Trailer: And Worms Do Not DestroyListen now | There followed much adventure...
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